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these are people you should surround yourself with

10X Your Business, 10X Your Income, 10X Your Life

The 10X Daily is the place to find everything you need for success. In today’s issue, the theme is mentorship. When you look for a “mentor” you are looking for someone who knows something you don’t—or more importantly has done something that you haven’t. Do you have a mentor in your life?

This issue includes,

  • Live Training Announcement
  • The People You Hang Out With
  • 94 Days Until the Event You've Been Waiting For

I am doing a FREE live training this Thursday night at 7pm on Advanced Sales Negotiation. Want to become a better closer? Want to learn the same tactics that I use to close 100 million dollar deals? I'm sharing it all with you, all you need to do is opt in and reserve your seat. Space is limited—reserve now!


I want to deliver to you the best possible 10X Daily every day. I need to understand better what topics you are most interested in. Please take a second to update your preferences, click HERE.


If you want to be mentored by the best of the best, I’m available for 1-on-1 coaching sessions again for a LIMITED TIME. Come to my office in person or Skype, and let’s chat. Book your 1-on-1 appointment with me HERE and let's work on your business!


My VP of sales Jarrod Glandt came to me at the age of 26 and started learning from me. He was very money motivated at the time and he soaked in everything I did. I never formally “mentored” him — we didn’t have chats over coffee and such, rather he just read my material and watched me at work.

A mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted advisor. Based on the definition, you need to trust them.

I want to be that guy for you, click to find out how!


Ready to keep learning? Challenge yourself and get on one of my certification programs HERE where you’ll learn more about sales and business than was ever taught to you in school.


The People You Hang With

Excerpt From The Millionaire Booklet

The Millionaire Booklet lays out the 8 steps to get rich is in a very simple to understand language that will allow you to get started today in creating the money you deserve. Get it HERE

If you truly are committed to becoming a millionaire, you will at some point need to change your environment, and by that I mean your friends and family. That doesn’t mean you need to get rid of people—it just means you need to add new people. The old friends will just fall off as they will lose interest in you. You will be annoying to them.

If you want to make it into the club of wealth, you must add new connections and that means you need to reach up, not sideways and not down. If you don’t change your surroundings, you will not make it!

Make a list of people in your city that are super successful, on the move, who are interested in personal growth, active in charities, who invest time to improve the quality of their lives, and are not just complaining all the time.

These are the people you should surround yourself with. I am one of those people. My wife, my kids, and the people who work at my companies are all committed to improving ourselves and helping others be the best they can be and achieve financial freedom.


Training Summary

People committed to success want other people to be successful. People committed to the status quo want to be surrounded by the status quo. If you don’t have the kinds of people around you that you want, go get them. One way to find the right people is to continue investing in yourself. Go to conferences, meetings, join mastermind groups, and network marketing groups. Meet new people!

Get the Millionaire Booklet to learn the 8 steps to getting rich HERE


94 Days

  • I want you to "Celebrity Brand" your Business.
  • I want you to BRAND Yourself so your customers NEVER forget you.
  • I want you to Build a World Class Sales Machine.

Come to sunny South Florida this July 20th and spend 3 days with me working on your business. I will create a plan for growing your business to 10X levels. Go HERE to reserve your spot—as this is a limited space event, and just like the last two, this will be completely sold out soon!