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So this really sort of threw that question out there, what does this actually mean in terms of work practices for businesses? Should people see this as paid time or unpaid time? Answering that question is complicated, says Jain, because many of those interviewed interspersed work with personal tasks like browsing the web, checking social media or replying to personal messages Faced with an entrenched culture of consumerism, few research trials, wavering support from the public and a lack of political will, can a personal carbon allowance ever be more than an idea ahead of its time? People power Well, yes We get a lot of reflective light from the snow in the early spring months, he says And despite being billed by Hardy as more equitable than a flat carbon tax, carbon rationing could still hit poorer households harder But while new technologies are being brought to bear on the problem, the basic techniques of fog catching go back centuries Engineers in the US are also working on bringing a version of a hydrail to the states Is there way to build them so they don't harm animals? Author image By Brianne Hogan 3rd March 2020 O One of my fondest memories from my first visit to Prince Edward Island in Canada was driving with friends through the eastern part of the island, admiring the bucolic scenery and the mesmerising wildlife Advocates of smaller nuclear reactors argue that they are safer than their traditional counterparts (Credit: Getty Images) In Derby in the UK, the Rolls Royce Consortium is working on another SMR design for its planned 440MW reactor, slightly outside the range usually considered small, although Rolls Royce believes it is the sweet spot for achieving economies of scale Toxic smog spreads throughout the country during wildfires, and can broach neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore (Credit: Getty Images) Herry Purnomo, a researcher at Indonesia’s Center for International Forestry Research, says that the Islamic approach is innovative, but he has reservations that religious lectures will be enough David Eicher wrote the text, he’s a wonderful writer and editor in chief of Astronomy magazine, and as a team we put this together Everywhere you look there are hand sized spiders, their webs stretched across the wooden beams 1ft in diameter (it’s not like you can open a window) But to really figure out what life might exist in these alien oceans, we will need to send a submersible Intriguingly, Titan is also thought to have a liquid ocean of water deep beneath its icy outer layer, which would mean that in addition to its exotic surface life based on liquid methane, there could exist more Earth like life under its surface Bower and her colleagues came up with a 23 item mental health checklist for space travellers, tested on people working in Antarctica over winter This was thanks to the design of the Saturn 5 guidance computer But I was so excited Great Britain and Ireland have shown particular interest in the four day week, with the Trades Union Congress in the UK, Forsa in Ireland, the Scottish National Party and British Labour Party all considering the concept, at varying levels Six out of 10 people admit they can’t get through the workday without checking their social media, according to online learning firm Udemy, while two thirds of us say Facebook is the biggest time sink Legal experts say the rule is being ignored on a grand scale He and colleagues have recently studied how to detect signs of cultural affinity in the text that employees write to one another in email messages and Slack chats Those slow, deep breaths set off a cascade of physiological responses that accelerate your descent into a more complete state of relaxation According to practitioners, those slow, deep breaths set off a cascade of physiological responses that accelerate your descent into a more complete state of relaxation, compared to more passive mindfulness exercises In January, the Swiss government changed its rules so that its 40,000 employees simply need sign off from their manager to do the same England begin the first of two Tests against Sri Lanka on 19 March

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