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Lumen's CTO: What's in a name?

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USTelecom dailyLead®
Vestberg talks the power of 5G Home | Lumen's CTO: What's in a name? | Trump to tap NTIA official Simington for open FCC seat
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September 16, 2020
USTelecom dailyLead
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News of the Day
Hans Vestberg, chief executive of Verizon, predicted that the company's 5G Home fixed wireless service will become a "transformative" source of revenue growth from small business and residential users. Verizon plans to bring 5G Home to at least 10 cities before 2020 ends, offering speeds of roughly 300 megabits per second.
Full Story: Light Reading (9/15),  Barron's (free content) (9/15) 
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Business & Industry Watch
Lumen Technologies is still mulling over how the former CenturyLink will present its new Lumen and Quantum Fiber brands to its consumer and enterprise base, Chief Technical Officer Andrew Dugan said in explaining why the company rebranded. "This signifies that transformation that we've been building towards, and it really it's about helping our customers with their digital transformations," he said about the telecom's enterprise customers.
Full Story: FierceTelecom (9/15) 
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President Donald Trump will nominate Nathan Simington to replace Michael O'Rielly in a Republican seat on the Federal Communications Commission. Simington, a senior advisor at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, has worked on issues pertaining to 5G security and the supply chain.
Full Story: Next TV/Multichannel News (9/16) 
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USTelecom Spotlight
NEW: USTelecom 2020 Broadband Pricing Index Report
USTelecom has released a new research paper, the 2020 Broadband Pricing Index Report, providing compelling new data and analysis showing broadband service costs have decreased, while speeds have increased, for residential customers in the United States over the past five years. The results are another key indicator that USTelecom member investments in network infrastructure and innovation are translating directly to American consumers--in both experience and cost--as they lead the world in internet traffic per user.
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Video Upload
AT&T's Stankey is bullish on video as long-term play
Stankey (Presley Ann/Getty Images)
John Stankey, AT&T CEO, offered an upbeat assessment of the company's long-term video strategy, pointing to its new HBO Max streaming service as the right product in a market where it is critical to establish consumer relationships. He added that the platform has already gained more subscribers than the company predicted last October.
Full Story: Telecompetitor (9/15),  Deadline Hollywood (9/15) 
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Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg said the company may offer more third-party service bundles beyond its promotion with Disney+, which also includes Hulu and ESPN+ subscriptions for wireless customers. "Over-the-top streaming services are more and more important," Vestberg told an investor conference.
Full Story: FierceVideo (9/15) 
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Technology Trends
The Government Accountability Office surveyed federal agencies over a two-month period, finding that many bodies are using internet of things technology, while other agencies face interoperability and security challenges in IoT deployments. For example, NASA evaluated IoT devices submitted by employees and found most devices were not secure enough for its networks.
Full Story: GCN (9/15) 
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IP Download
Pandemic spurs growth in multiple cybercrime categories
The world is in a "heightened state of cybervulnerability" because "human errors are more likely to be made remotely," says Joshua Motta, CEO of cybersecurity provider Coalition. The company has observed a 47% increase in ransomware attack severity and a 27% increase in funds transfer loss since the pandemic began, with the latter being driven by email intrusion, invoice manipulation and domain spoofing.
Full Story: Help Net Security (9/14) 
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