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Research offers ideas for teaching computer science in online classes

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STEM SmartBrief
What works for remote lessons in computer science? | Teachers give students duffel bags of hands-on activities | Why critical thinking is a vital computer skill
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September 16, 2020
STEM Career SmartBrief
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21st-Century Skills
What works for remote lessons in computer science?
(Sam Wasson/Getty Images)
Reverse engineering is one way in which computer science can be taught online, according to Madhu Govind, a doctoral student at Tufts University. In this article, Govind writes about recent research into how to teach computer science in a remote environment, including lessons that link design, engineering and writing processes.
Full Story: District Administration magazine online (9/14) 
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Teachers in a Colorado district are working together to provide students with Discovery Duffels -- bags filled with enrichment supplies for K-5 students that include STEM activities such as assembling a solar oven. Teachers across subjects will be refilling the bags throughout the year with supplies to engage students in hands-on activities.
Full Story: The Montrose Daily Press (Colo.) (9/15) 
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Why critical thinking is a vital computer skill
Teaching coding on computers is only one small aspect of computer literacy for students, asserts Jaigris Hodson of Royal Roads University in this commentary. Helping them recognize, and avoid spreading, misinformation as they navigate the internet requires equipping students with critical thinking and bias-recognition skills too, she writes.
Full Story: The Conversation (9/13) 
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Sign up for a free science poster
Learn like a scientist. Anywhere.
Scientists and engineers figure out new things about the world around us through a variety of methods. Download a free poster to show your students how they too can learn just like scientists and engineers do every day! Get your free science poster now
Gender Equity in STEM
Engineering combines math and working with people, according to Mireya Spears, an engineer who explains how she became interested in engineering. In this interview, Spears suggests that schools promote math and science to young girls while companies should offer more career opportunities to women.
Full Story: Design World (9/14) 
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Build Confidence in STEAM Learning
Build confidence in STEAM learning for middle schoolers with LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime, a scalable, intuitive and highly adaptable hands-on solution. Thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of teachers and students no matter where the learning happens. Learn More
Research & Funding
Report: COVID-19 learning loss affects economy
Learning losses caused by school closures worldwide will have a significant economic effect, according to a report from Eric Hanushek, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, and Ludger Woessmann, professor at the University of Munich. Global data shows that K-12 students could earn 3% less over their lifetimes because of the closures -- diminishing GDP by 1.5% this century.
Full Story: U.S. News & World Report (9/14) 
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Business & Industry
Consulting firm Deloitte is partnering with Wichita State University to build a smart factory on the college's campus to support learning in areas such as automation and machine learning. Its equipment will include augmented and virtual reality, robots and 3D printers, as well as equipment for reverse engineering and programming.
Full Story: The Business Journals (tiered subscription model)/Wichita, Kan. (9/10) 
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New student video contest: Advancing Space Exploration Through Manufacturing
ACTE, host of CTE Month®, and NASA HUNCH are excited to once again collaborate on the 2020-21 student video challenge, showcasing CTE and project-based learning programs in high-demand career fields on Earth and in space. This year's theme is "Advancing Space Exploration Through Manufacturing" and encompasses multiple CTE sectors, including health care, transportation, family and consumer sciences, energy, robotics and more. The deadline to submit a video is April 1. Read the submission guidelines and resources.
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Survey says #ACTEcares
We asked CTE professionals to share their needs, and tips for success, while navigating back-to-school during the COVID-19 pandemic. On PAGES, a Techniques blog, a community comes together: "Give yourself time to learn new platforms, and don't be hard on yourself if you try something new but it doesn't work out! Take a deep breath. Offer grace to yourself and your students." Read more.
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