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Talking About Kamala Harris, The End Of Zoom Calls, Butterflies And Big Border Walls

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Plus, understanding how the electoral college works.
by Jill Hudson
How do Americans feel about the U.S. flag? It's complicated.
Lynne Gilbert/Getty Images

For many Americans, 2020 has felt very divided. So NPR decided to ask people who they felt about a symbol that’s meant to stand for all of us — the American flag. That’s when things got really interesting

NPR Politics has pulled together each of the presidential candidates' plans on key issues facing the country. Here’s our guide to their policies.

Who does Vladimir Putin want to win the U.S. presidential election? The FBI says Russia is once again spreading lies on social media to benefit President Trump. 

A financial scandal swirling around the Vatican has taken a new twist with the arrest of a woman linked to a cardinal fired by Pope Francis.

Surprise (or not)! Your technology is tracking you. Here are a few tips on how to better protect your info

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News About Our New Normal

When the pandemic first hit, corporate executives thought video meetings were awesome and productive. Now, CEOs are questioning how much those meetings really achieve.
Alistair Berg/Getty Images

The bloom has definitely off the Zoom meeting bush. After singing the praises of virtual meetings for most of the year, the CEOs of JPMorgan Chase, American Airlines, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley are questioning how much they really achieve.

Speaking of blooms and plants, two companies are currently using tobacco plants to produce proteins for a COVID-19 vaccine. One candidate vaccine is already in a clinical trial.

Coronavirus cases are rising rapidly in many states as the U.S. heads into the winter months. And forecasters are predicting staggering growth in infections and deaths if current trends continue.
Sima Diab; Yuri Hasegawa; Julia Gunther 

Over the span of three weeks in September and October, NPR photographed and interviewed 19 women around the world. They shared their challenges and fears — and how they are overcoming them.

Great Podcasts And Other Good Listens

Photo illustration: LA Johnson/NPR; Photo: Saul Loeb/Getty Images

Kamala Harris’ biography and heritage allow people to project all kinds of ideas onto her, and to see what they want to see. But the VP candidate’s identity offers a very important lens into Black politics around crime and punishment. (Code Switch)

What is the electoral college, why do we have it, and why hasn't it changed? Its origins and evolution might surprise you. (Throughline)

Butterflies have hearts in their wings. You won't believe where they have eyes (Short Wave)

For eight years, a box of Twinkies sat in Colin Purrington's basement until last week when he finally opened it. Varying levels of mold had developed on the snack cakes, and he eventually sent them to two West Virginia University scientists to study the kind of fungus growing on them. Click here to listen.

More Good Listens

Allison Shelley/TED

For years, NPR host Mary Louise Kelly found ways to do her job and manage hearing loss. But now she can no longer rely on reading lips or leaning-in. Click here to learn how she's adapting all over again.

When Tommy Fisher decided he wanted to build his own private border wall in Texas, he said he wanted to keep out trouble from Mexico. The move enraged his neighbors, but then Fisher got four border wall construction contracts from the Homeland Security Department valued at $2.25 billion — more than any other federal contractor.

Darren Aronofsky's 2000 film Requiem for a Dream spawned a musical motif that jump-started a new career for Clint Mansell, the composer of its haunted score.

A runner managed to record his terrifying six-minute encounter with a protective mama cougar in Utah — and escape unscathed. Click here to watch the video.

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