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Over the course of your life, a fixed mindset might lead you to continue searching for the perfect job that immediately lights and maintains your interest, while you neglect all the other possibilities potentially in front of you if only you put the work in to cultivate those passions What you’re looking at is effectively making carbon into a second currency, he says But in months like December, when it’s really dark, we just let the snow build up, as there isn’t enough daylight to warrant snow clearing Even monitoring your carbon footprint, without adding incentives for cutting it, can encourage people to reduce their emissions (Credit: Getty Images) Back in the UK, Adam Hardy, campaign director of CarbonRationing It is extraordinary In one of its cars, passengers were encouraged to perch around four hydrogen fuel tanks, a fuel cell and two lithium batteries The rickshaw, the vehicle of the poor, is where electrification began in India – Anup Bandivadekar Another challenge is that e-rickshaws take a long time to recharge Nuscale’s reactor will be just 76 feet (23 metres) high Before the clerics introduced the concept of peatland restoration, many of the villagers had not known that they lived on peatlands for decades, he says But they were taught to do the ‘cha-cha’ thing – take a picture here and a picture there and eventually it became a 3D picture Our boss Deke Slayton had also smuggled three shots of brandy on board but we didn’t drink that, Borman says There will be some similarities: in both, visitors (four guests with two staff) will nap in sleeping bags attached to the superstructure, the food will be freeze-dried, and all guests will have to go through a vigorous pre-launch health screening We really don’t know what are the limits of life - David Charbonneau In some respects, what we see here on Earth is a matter of chance, says Theresa Fisher, astrobiologist at Arizona State University, US If there is an emergency situation, people need to react very quickly, she says Basking in the success of Apollo 11, the agency decided that Apollo 12’s mission to the Ocean of Storms would be even more ambitious And while this latest research shows there is nothing dangerous growing on the ISS, understanding the evolution of the microbiome on the station will help ensure the safety of the first astronauts to return from Mars What I set out to prove was that in one of the most unlikely industries – a service-based industry known for young people working super long hours – it can work if you come up with something innovative, says Blackham It’s counter-intuitive but by helping a worker be prepared to leave you’re more likely to get them to stay longer and achieve more He wanted to know if there was something wrong, remembers Ghodsee, 49, who is professor of Russian and East European studies at the University of Pennsylvania Telus International’s employees provide phone support to the customers of third-party clients The scheme has become so tremendously popular, especially among the middle class, and those people are electorally very powerful, says professor Ive Marx at the University of Antwerp The abuse was not witnessed by anyone else, but the trial also heard evidence from dozens of churchgoers Creeping commitments But there are reasons to be wary of rolling commuting time into our office hours, says Carys Chan, who studies work-life balance at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia

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