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MIT Device Cuts Power Bills By 65%

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A new discovery from MIT is taking the energy world by storm. This guy in Orlando has been using it for over two years with amazing results:



Watch the video HERE.


Did you know that most families spend over $2,000 per year on their energy bills? Well it's true. My question is, what if you could cut that bill in half, or actually... more than half! would you be interested?


I think you should see this before the word gets out... And the money hungry monopolies take control or silence it like they did so many times in the past.


Here's the LINK again.


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It is a major decision, he said, but I heard the result is not going to come back for five days - coincidentally This would require auditing the carbon footprint of the supply chain of everything sold in the UK, including imports The farm was up and running as of October 2018, creating enough solar energy to power approximately 70 homes Is it electricity, is it petrol? Am I better off not driving, or making sure all my lights are off at home? When the experiment ended 16 months later, almost two-thirds of the residents said they wanted it to continue Cruz has helped to install more than 2,000 of these fog catching nets in eight rural communities across Peru as well as in Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico Some apprehension around hydrogen as a fuel source is perhaps understandable considering the unfortunate history of hydrogen-filled dirigibles, namely airships such as the ill-fated British R101 and the German Hindenburg This way, they save on high battery costs and on charging times, because swapping takes only a couple of minutes In 2007, the university granted Nuscale exclusive rights to the design of SMR, as well as the continued use of their test facility But Azmi is hoping to inspire his community by proving that it is possible to farm on peatlands without setting fires While his mates are the first men on the Moon, he’s circling and taking pictures of the craters on the far side of the Moon – he had great presence of mind - Brian May Very often they were too busy to remember it and practice it, May says It broadened the bounds of human experience, it affected the way we appreciated the Earth and our place in the Universe - Teasel Muir-Harmony I don’t know what happened to mine, he adds But we expect most guests will be looking out the window, calling everyone they know, and should guests get bored, we have what we call the ‘holodeck,’ a virtual reality experience There’s an enormous amount of potential variety that we could see in life on other worlds, she says So during a long-duration space mission, the safety aspect is a concern Meanwhile, in mission control Houston, flight director Gerry Griffin took his seat behind his console – his first time leading a mission It’s one of the issues being addressed by a working group from the world’s major space agencies, which is due to publish its recommendations on protecting Mars from the effects of human exploration later this year Every two weeks the company also reviews what has worked and what hasn’t It’s a mix of practical and classroom training, and usually last three to nine months Ghodsee replied she was fine, but the director looked at his watch and shook his head The company uses an automated system to flag up social media profiles that indicate a person has some connection to gaming However Anna Brink at the Swedish National Audit Office says she would be very surprised if the government would suggest any large changes in this policy, which remains popular with centre-right opposition parties that are in favour of expanding the scheme even further As we enter the final half of the Premiership season and approach the knockout stages of Europe, the loss of three players is a blow, said Leicester head coach Geordan Murphy Reducing the black market Supporters of the Swedish tax subsidies, which were first introduced during a period of centre-right government, argue that as well as enabling parents in dual-income families to spend more time at work or with their children, they boost jobs and reduce the black market for cash-in-hand household services

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