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As many of you already know, I believe in having multiple streams of income and as well as investing, this is something you definitely should look at whether you have a business or not...

One billion. That’s how many people use Instagram every single month according to Hootsuite.

Even with a huge number of users like that, many business owners don’t know how to convert even one of those billion users to become a customer or a client.

Also a pretty scary thought…

As each day passes, more and more potential customers are flocking to the social media users who DO know how to use the platform. And that’s just one platform, not to mention the hundreds of others...

The amount of time people spend on social media is astounding.

Traditional advertising, as you may know, is on the decline by the minute.

If you've ever been on the underground for example, you will probably see posters and banners on the walls, but people are looking down at their phones instead.

THAT is where the attention is heading and will continue to. Especially with the world coming out of a 'shutting down' phase.

Not knowing that could be costing you leads and sales daily, which every business needs not just to thrive but to survive.

And I don’t know about you, but the thought of having to admit defeat and rely solely on a 9-5 for me just makes me shiver.

There is wrong with a 9-5 as we all need to work, but it won’t ever buy you a life of freedom for you and your family.

Here is what will get you that freedom you’re looking for…four words:
Social Media Success Strategy.
This is the topic of the next upcoming web class my good friend, business mentor and Official Forbes Coach Adam Stott is running.

It’s coming up soon so you will want to book on and attend the next one.

Register your complimentary spot here:

Next Web Class Date: Wednesday 1 July 2020
Time: 7 pm

In all honesty if you haven’t been getting leads on social media, then this is a must-see training by Adam Stott. The strategies taught are so simple and don’t need a lot of complicated setup whatsoever.

What will you discover on the web class?

●How to Increase LEADS Fast - Starting up? Starting over? Already doing well and want more? In a step by step guide Adam will reveal how you generate more leads on demand so you can start to grow your business faster

●How to Nurture Social Media Leads Into Clients - It's time for you to start using the techniques companies who have mastered social are using, the problem is most business owners don't know how, here we will cover re targeting in detail and how you can continue talking to your clients a long time after your first touch point with them

●The ‘Facebook Funnel’ – the Facebook algorithm may be one of the most powerful ever written, but did you know that if you advertise using the wrong strategy you can actually confuse it – which leads to higher costs and weaker leads! Find out how to stop the confusion In this free training

●The One Thing You Need to Be Doing That 99% Of Businesses Are NOT - There is a front end and back end of social media, the biggest problem and the problem we will solve at this event is most people do not know what is available to them, we will be showing you what you are missing out on

●How to Create Consistent & Predictable Results From Social Media - How to stop the up and down yo-yo effect of social media and be able to predict how many leads and sales you can get from social media on a daily basis

●And much, much more!

To get your place just go to:

Best wishes,
Darren Winters

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The Wealth Training Company
Third Floor, 207 Providence Square
Mill Street
London, London, City of SE1 2EW
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 207 740 7300
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