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IBM offers weather campaign tool via Nielsen Connect

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ANA Data and Analytics SmartBrief
IBM offers weather campaign tool via Nielsen Connect | Report: Marketing video views accelerate | $3B UK suit accuses YouTube of data law violations
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September 16, 2020
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Top Story
IBM offers weather campaign tool via Nielsen Connect
IBM rolled out Watson Advertising Weather Targeting, which enables brands to use weather information to inform display, digital out-of-home, programmatic, social, search, email and video campaign activations without the need for third-party cookies or identifiers. The data is gleaned via artificial intelligence, is based on 500 promotional triggers across 42,000 ZIP codes each hour and is available via the Nielsen Connect Partner Network.
Full Story: MediaPost Communications (9/14) 
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Customer experience - now and into the future
SAS partnered with Futurum Research to survey more than 4,000 consumers, executives, marketers and technology professionals to understand what defines customer experience today and how it's evolving through the year 2030. CLICK HERE
Brightcove reports a 114% second-quarter year-over-year increase of global retail and other marketing videos across all devices among its clients and a 110% increase for North America based on analysis of 400 billion data points. The majority of views (52%) occurred via computers and were up 114% year-over-year, while smartphones captured a 43% share with a 136% boost.
Full Story: MediaPost Communications (9/15) 
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An advocacy group is suing Google's YouTube unit in the UK, seeking $3.2 billion in a class action on behalf of 5 million consumers under age 13. Privacy campaigner Duncan McCann and nonprofit Foxglove accuse YouTube of targeting children with addictive programming and gathering their data for advertisers in violation of UK and EU law.
Full Story: TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (9/14),  BNN Bloomberg (Canada) (9/14) 
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Your audience is watching.
Every day, millions of 18-34 year olds gather on Facebook Watch to discover, watch and share the videos they love. Reach them wherever they are, whenever they watch, with a brand safe publisher video buy.
Data Management
Google's Waze app getting personal
Google unveiled new features for its navigation app Waze that include personalized routes based on a driver's trip history, traffic alerts, estimated time of arrival improvements and lane recommendations. Another added feature is that Waze can be used with users who speak French, Spanish or Portuguese through expanded Google Assistant integration.
Full Story: TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (9/15) 
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Increase Reach 3X without Cookies
With LiveRamp, you can increase addressable reach by 3X and access inventory on Safari and Firefox. Now, advertisers can achieve greater reach, more engaged audiences, better ROI, and lower CPMs with LiveRamp—all without cookies. Click to learn more!
Business Insights
Streaming e-commerce is emerging as a new iteration of online shopping that integrates streaming video and social media, which generated an estimated $60 billion in 2019 and is estimated to double this year. Olga Kharif and Matthew Townsend write that the trend is being driven by sheltering consumers and new players such as TalkShopLive, Ntwrk and CommentSold and established social platforms like Facebook and Amazon.
Full Story: BNN Bloomberg (Canada) (9/14) 
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Create an Experience Your Customer Wants
As a marketer, preference management is your greatest asset for building customer trust, increasing user engagement, and respecting data privacy. To learn how to implement a preference management strategy, download the free playbook.
Marketing Analytics
A "playbook" has been released by the sales arm of Comcast, Charter Communications and Cox Communications to help advertisers and media utilize their addressable advertising tools as part of their On Addressability drive to boost the value and effectiveness of TV advertising, writes Jon Lafayette. The playbook features addressable TV guides for buyers and sellers, and proposed standards that, if adopted by the industry, would enhance usability and scale.
Full Story: Next TV/Broadcasting+Cable (9/14) 
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Association News
Today, based on an analysis of the U.S. MONITOR database of attitudes, values, lifestyles and priorities, three key issues rise to the top of consumer concerns. Brands that are able to tap into these underlying needs in meaningful ways will be able to separate themselves from the pack.
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At the virtual 2020 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference, the only marketing procurement and advertising financial management event of its kind, industry thought leaders from the likes of HP, IHG and Nestle will share how you can deliver the greatest value to your organization by improving efficiency, increasing cost savings, boosting ROI and overcoming the challenges of COVID-19.

Clear your calendar for Oct. 6 to 7 and register for this virtual event today!
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People often claim to hunger for truth, but seldom like the taste when it's served up.
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