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Marketers go live to expand reach, awareness

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SmartBrief on Social Business
Pandemic driving rise in social content engagement | Marketers go live to expand reach, awareness | Tips for growing a bank of positive customer reviews
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September 16, 2020
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SmartBrief on Social Business
The Big Story
Engagement with video and social content is on the rise during the pandemic, with Shareablee reporting an 11% increase in engagement with brand posts and a 101% engagement hike in influencer posts from March through July. "We're lonelier and more isolated than we've ever been," says Shareablee CEO Tania Yuki, noting, "Commenting on social media does become a way to connect and share a similar experience."
Full Story: Ad Age (tiered subscription model) (9/16) 
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Reach today’s hard-to-reach audiences.
Every day, millions of 18-34 year olds gather on Facebook Watch to discover, watch and share the videos they love. Reach them wherever they are, whenever they watch, with a brand safe publisher video buy.
Connecting & Collaborating
Research indicates consumers viewed 1.1 billion hours of live video last year and most prefer the medium over standard social media posts. Alex Bybyk highlights examples of successful video campaigns from Apple, Microsoft and General Motors that are designed to expand reach and boost awareness.
Full Story: HubSpot (9/15) 
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Tips for growing a bank of positive customer reviews
A review-collecting process builds social proof that can land potential customers, brand strategist Pia Silva writes. She explains how to use social media, email and websites to elicit positive testimonials.
Full Story: Forbes (9/14) 
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Fractl analysis of more than 5,000 articles reveals that shorter content with fewer than 1,000 words typically garners more backlinks and are shared more frequently than longer pieces. According to the report, "The key to creating content that earns both links and shares is to meet the user intent, create something emotionally compelling, ... keep it as straightforward as possible, and not underestimating the impact of how-to content."
Full Story: Glean Info (9/14) 
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Marketer Moments
Milwaukee Bucks go digital to score fan engagement
(Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
The Milwaukee Bucks shifted marketing focus amid the NBA's suspension and phased return by focusing on personalized online content, an e-commerce store and online giveaway contests, said Ben Conrad, Bucks' senior director of database marketing. "My biggest takeaway is that establishing recurring campaigns, as well as programs that become the foundation of your monthly planning, is key to building a baseline for success," Conrad said.
Full Story: Adweek (tiered subscription model) (9/14) 
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Influencer Marketing in 2020
Sponsored content from Carusele
5 Influencer Marketing Best Practices to Follow Amid COVID-19
Influencer marketing campaigns don't need to be put on hold because of COVID-19. We're seeing record efficiencies for those campaigns we've modified and continued to run. If you're looking for ways to move forward with your influencer programs, here are five best practices we recommend you follow based on our successful experiences.
Influencer Fraud: The New Way Some Influencers Are Scamming the System
As influencer fraud continues to be an issue for the industry, educate yourself on the latest trending influencer scam and learn how your brand can identify and avoid these kinds of influencer partners.
Platform News
Facebook launched a certified digital marketing course in partnership with Coursera, which includes "100 hours of hands-on, project-based training in applied social media tools and general marketing skills," Facebook explains. Upon completing the course, graduates can share a certification badge on social profiles and will be connected to a group of employers committed to hiring diverse talent.
Full Story: Social Media Today (9/15) 
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Social Shareable
A video that went viral on TikTok and has now attracted 4.9 million views on Twitter has intrigued social users with the "envelope" egg-cooking technique. The resulting egg is served in a neat, folded package, which social users have tried to emulate with varying success.
Full Story: Today (9/15) 
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Livestreaming is an effective method for building trust and demonstrating authenticity.
Alex Bybyk, writing for HubSpot
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