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"Zoom fatigue" is taking a toll on students' brains

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Accomplished Teacher® by SmartBrief
Survey: Coronavirus risks at school concern teachers | What brain science says about "Zoom fatigue" | 8th-grade teacher shares tips for hybrid classes
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September 16, 2020
Accomplished Teacher by SmartBrief
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Top Story
Survey: Coronavirus risks at school concern teachers
(George Frey/AFP/Getty Images)
About 76% of teachers say they are worried about contracting the coronavirus at work, according to a survey sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers. In their responses, teachers said they are dissatisfied with reopening plans, and 86% of teachers say they have purchased their own personal protective equipment to use while teaching.
Full Story: Education Week Teacher (tiered subscription model) (9/15) 
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Focus on Practice
What brain science says about "Zoom fatigue"
Learning online can cause students to feel anxious, worried or tired after classes -- a trend known as "Zoom fatigue" -- says Brenda Wiederhold, a licensed clinical psychologist. In this interview, Wiederhold says the lack of synchronous learning and the tendency to multitask can trigger a type of fight-or-flight response in the brain.
Full Story: EdSurge (9/15) 
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Half of Kasey Short's eighth-grade English students attend class in school, while the other half learn remotely from home. In this article, Short writes about her experience teaching this way since August and offers tips and resources for the hybrid model, including digital tools to foster collaboration among students.
Full Story: MiddleWeb (9/15) 
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Schools Today
Some school principals in New York City say they need more guidance on how to address student discipline amid the coronavirus pandemic. While Chancellor Richard Carranza has said mask refusals could get students kicked out of in-person learning, principals say the city's Department of Education lacks specific policies and communication has been mixed on how schools should handle behavior and other issues in online courses.
Full Story: Chalkbeat/New York City (9/15) 
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Developing Leaders
The stresses and challenges that this school year will present mean that all teachers -- no matter their experience level -- can be considered "rookie teachers," asserts Roxanna Elden, an author and former classroom teacher. Elden suggests teachers find opportunities to refuel and to establish a "board of advisers" of fellow teachers and nonteachers to act as a support system.
Full Story: KQED-TV/FM (San Francisco) (9/15) 
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Policy News
New Pa. science standards would include climate change
(Cristina Vega Rhor/Getty Images)
A proposed update of Pennsylvania's K-12 science standards by the state board of education -- the first since 2002 -- would increase experiential learning and climate change information, and traditional terms such as biology and chemistry would give way to "sustainability" and "energy and matter." Regulatory and legislative approvals still are needed.
Full Story: WHYY-TV/WHYY-FM (Philadelphia) (9/15) 
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National Board Update
Time to get health literacy off life support
Carol Hofer, NBCT, in this blog post calls out health illiteracy in the United States and provides tips on how to embrace healthier and cleaner ways of living post COVID-19. Read more.
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Building cultural proficiency into my classroom and yours
Building a culturally proficient classroom is now more important than ever. In the age of the Black Lives Matter protests, we have to discuss how to make schools more culturally inclusive. Heavenly Montgomery, NBCT, discusses how she has built cultural proficiency in her classroom. Read more.
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