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Unexpected tax expenses may follow PPP loans

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SmartBrief on Main Street
Body positive yoga studio focuses on care | 5 ways to generate organic leads on YouTube | Should your staff be full-time or part-time?
Created for |  Web Version
September 16, 2020
SmartBrief on Mainstreet
Stories from the Street
Opening a body positive and inclusive yoga studio in February 2019, Paris Alexandra and Alicia Ferguson have received strong community support in the belief that "yoga is for everybody," Alexandra says. Transitioning to virtual classes in March, they also host online wellness retreats and are teaching others how to practice self-care during the pandemic.
Full Story: WPIX-TV (New York City) (9/16) 
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Switch to T-Mobile for Business
Upgrade your business with T-Mobile and get the Samsung Galaxy A11 on us via 24 monthly bill credits when you add a line. All on the network that covers 99% of Americans.

For well-qual'd customers with finance agmnt., plus tax. If you cancel service, you will owe up to full device value ($180).

Caring for Customers
Jessica Miller shares tips for generating YouTube leads using organic content, such as creating quizzes based on videos that offer free giveaways in return. Use YouTube videos as a teaser and follow up with live webinars, and create live Q&A sessions, she recommends.
Full Story: Social Media Examiner (9/14) 
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Keeping Shop
Before adding new people to your team, it's important to understand the pros and cons of hiring full-time versus part-time staff, along with the associated laws and regulations, writes Patrick Proctor. "You should reevaluate your balance between these staffing options at least once a year to ensure your needs are being met," Proctor writes.
Full Story: Business News Daily (9/15) 
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Virtual onboarding has become a crucial part of the employee experience during the pandemic, but some companies lack processes in this area. Here are some suggestions to improve virtual onboarding, starting with using videoconferencing to create connections.
Full Story: Fast Company online (9/14) 
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SmartBrief Originals
Sponsored content brought to you by SmartBrief
Managing the Money
American Express and the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation are starting a $10 million grant program to support Black-owned small businesses. Companies with three to 20 employees can apply for $5,000 grants through Monday.
Full Story: Fast Company online (9/16) 
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Selecting the right retirement plan can be a challenge, and Chad Parks covers the primary issues small-business owners need to address. It's important to pay attention to the fees and total costs and consider factors related to customer service and plan design.
Full Story: TheStreet (9/15) 
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Despite the relief small-business owners enjoyed from the Paycheck Protection Program, there's a significant tax problem that's yet to be addressed, writes Gene Marks. Small-business owners could face a larger-than-expected tax bill after using loans to pay expenses that are no longer deductible, Marks writes.
Full Story: The Philadelphia Inquirer (tiered subscription model) (9/15) 
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Tips & Tools
Resilience is key to helping employees successfully navigate change, writes Mark Marone of Dale Carnegie & Associates. Marone outlines six ways leaders can create a resilient culture, including modeling positive behaviors, fostering strong working relationships and empowering employees to be autonomous.
Full Story: Training magazine (9/10) 
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News You Can Use
About 100,000 US restaurants have closed either long-term or permanently because of the pandemic and 40% of operators said they don't expect to be in business six months from now without additional federal assistance, according to the National Restaurant Association. The industry lost an estimated $165 billion in sales to the pandemic between March and the end of July.
Full Story:
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