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Confusion reigns. As towns and cities across Britain move to high alert, many of us are left wondering just how these new restrictions will affect us.

What do they mean for your area? What impact will they have on your career and business? Is a national lockdown on the way? And is an end in sight?

Amid the chaos, other pressing issues at home and abroad continue to develop. Clarity has rarely been more scarce—yet more crucial.

Now is the time to turn to The Telegraph. Join us today and enjoy your first month free, then stay informed with our award-winning journalism for just £1 a month for your next three months. Cancel at any time.

You’ll be kept expertly, instantly updated on every development, including new financial support, as towns and counties move into higher tiers. Use our quick and easy postcode tool to check which tier your area is in and see what the relevant rules mean for you and your loved ones. Keep track of the rise in cases nationwide and the risk facing your region in real time, via our Live Map.

Gordon Rayner will talk you through the increasing prospect of a national lockdown, as the Prime Minister fights to save his three-tier plan. Tim Wallace counts the cost of the latest lockdown restrictions on London, as it enters Tier 2. As the curve flattens in Newcastle, Jamie Johnson reports on the case for not moving it to Tier 3 restrictions. And you’ll be able to follow the latest travel news, as only four restriction-free holiday options remain.

There are signs of light at the end of the tunnel, however. A roll-out of a coronavirus vaccine is being considered for December, with sources giving a ‘50/50’ chance of its availability by the end of the year. Oxford University has unveiled a Covid-19 test which can detect the virus within five minutes, offering hope for air passengers, among others. Our Travel team, meanwhile, has been meeting the Britons who’ve fled our ‘Covid chaos’ for the Galapagos Islands, the Turkish Coast and the beautiful Black Mountains of Wales.

Our uncompromising opinion writers will bring the story to life for you with first-class commentary and insight. Iain Duncan Smith spells out his case against Sage’s recommendation of a ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown. Tom Harris points out that Britain is already ‘stumbling into another national lockdown’, while Jeremy Warner writes that Covid suppression strategies won’t work in our ‘freedom-loving democracy’. And Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher finds joy in Everton’s renaissance in ‘a bleak week’ for his city.

As Brexit talks continue, Boris Johnson has told the UK to prepare for an ‘Australian-style deal’ with the EU. Our well-informed team will guide you through how a ‘no-deal’ Brexit might happen, including its impact on our daily lives. You’ll also be able to follow the latest financial news, as the pound proves resilient against Boris Johnson’s Brexit threat. And don’t miss our exclusive interview with Nigel Farage, as he discusses his mission to help ‘the little guy to take back control of his finances’.

In America, Donald Trump has defended his response to coronavirus and refused to denounce the QAnon conspiracy theory at his latest town hall. Nicola Smith has been looking at how the President changed the world in the latest of our five-part series, asking whether America’s new role has left pro-democracy activists ‘high and dry’. And after facing backlash for blocking links to a controversial news story that included allegations against presidential candidate Joe Biden, Twitter has vowed to change its Hacked Materials Policy. Nick Allen, meanwhile, has been examining Sir Nick Clegg’s role in the controversy.

If you’re a music fan, you’ll definitely want to read Ian Winwood’s incredible interview with Tommy Lee, as the Mötley Crüe drummer discusses the daily excesses of rock ’n’ roll’s wildest era. On the decidedly less extreme side of culture, meanwhile, Tristram Fane Saunders wishes Bill Bryson a happy retirement, as he reflects on the writing of one of our great national treasures.

If you’re in the mood for some friendly debate, or casual conversation, you’ll be able to lend your voice to our website’s subscriber-only comments section. Fraser Nelson’s brilliantly incisive commentary on how Boris Johnson is ‘sleepwalking into the national lockdown he so claims to despise’ has led more than 450 readers to share their thoughts. Your own opinion would be thoroughly welcomed by our community.

Join us today, free for your first month, then keep turning to our award-winning journalists for just £1 a month for your next three months. You can stay with us for just £2 a week thereafter - a small price to pay for unrivalled clarity and confidence in this most confusing and complex of times.


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