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Worried About Where Your Next Client Is Coming From?

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Ever get sick of someone reaching out to you for your services and then when you tell the investment for you to work with....

Lucy here,

Ever get sick of someone reaching out to

you for your services and then when you

tell the investment for you to work with

them, l they tell you "I LOVE your stuff

but I gotta think about this.."?

That's a code word for "I'm B-R-O-K-E".

Hey - I've struggled for money myself and totally

get it. I remember counting out my loose

change just to buy a pot noodle to eat.

But you as a coach are not going

to take care of your family and get

out of your financial stress helping

"broke" clients.

But the problem is - if you are getting

all kinds of broke people, excuse makers

and ‘content seekers’ coming your way

how are you ever going to fill your business

with clients who are THE BEST and who pay

you what you are WORTH?

You’ve probably been putting out tons of content

hoping it will give you credibility and then you

can charge what you’re actually worth and think that

the prospect will say ‘yes’ as they see you as

an expert right?


You can't just crank out your content and

hope that eventually, you'll get through

all the broke people and on the other

side of them will be a pot of gold.

But if you walk away from putting out content

to get clients - your back to printing

business cards and doing breakfast networking

meetings all over again in the hope, you can land a

a client who's probably go ask for you for a

‘networking discount’ as you

are in the same group as them.

So your back where you started and you get all the

local “cheap" people to become your clients.

It wasn't too many years ago I was

grinding it out for £20,000 a month

in my coaching business.

That sounds impressive - BUT - I

was taking home about £2,000 if I

was lucky plus I was racking up

massive debt, stress, hair loss

anger and despair...

But I was collecting a nice portfolio

of BROKE and CRAZY clients who

sucked the life out of me.

Problem was ---> I was spending

a TON OF TIME putting out content across

all the social media platforms every day and

getting less and less from it.

PLUS I was using every ninja trick

in the book to get paid traffic as cheaply as I

could to these ‘lead magnets and reports’ just

to get someone ‘cheapo’ opt-in and not want

to work with me.

But everything was leaving me

BROKE and not just financially but mentally,

physically, and emotionally.

I was working 50hrs a week and

netting £2k a month (on a good month).

And it was costing me £15,000

a month hiring all the content creators,

videographers, etc

It was a total disaster.


But I figured out the "secret"

which was actually not much of

a "secret" at all.

And then I turned it all around!

Record months, profits, debt was

gone and now I pay WAY MORE in taxes

alone then what I used to make in profits.

----> Here's the REAL PROBLEM <----

You can't keep ‘contenting’ (a new word I

created) your way to £10k or £20k a month…

It will exhaust you and also cost you more in

wasted TIME and MONEY than the clients

it brings in…

Eventually, all the broke clients you

attract will drive you out of business

and expect you to carry on working with

them for free.

The new ‘Til Tok’ or ‘Instagram’ webinar

tool, or "lead magnet” is only going to make

it worse.

You see - if you want to actually

get the clients who have MONEY

and will pay you what you are worth

WITHOUT blowing every penny and

wasting hours you have - you have to follow

the right system.

It's not that complex but you gotta

fix it right & soon or you end up

with a bunch of crazy clients and

no money in the bank!

So here's how we're going to fix this...

Click the link below, let me know a bit

about your situation and will set up a

strategy session so I can see if or how

my system can help you get out of this

situation FAST so you can start taking

care of yourself, loved ones & get the

clients you need:

You can do this!


P.S. There is no point on wasting more

time and money creating content that will keep

bringing you more of the same.

Let's fix this fast so you

can stop attracting broke people:


Ivy Marketing Services Ltd 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden, London, City of WC2H 9JQ United Kingdom

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