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Owler 2021 Q1 Newsletter

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Welcome to the very first Owler quarterly newsletter, where we will share product updates, explore new features, and share exciting improvements coming down the product pipeline. We’ll also highlight some of our amazing customers and hear in their own words how they are using Owler Pro to drive incredible value to their businesses.
Two HUGE Updates you should check out! 


Our 5+ million member community continues to grow and get stronger than ever, and thanks to your feedback, we have made some incredible updates to the platform to provide even more value.  

Instant Insights


Many of you know Owler for the Daily Snapshot newsletter you receive every morning, but you might not know that you can also get real-time news alerts when important business events occur. We call these Instant Insights.

Thanks to feedback from sales professionals around the world we designed a new tool to send you emails about key business events in real time. This list includes funding announcements, leadership changes, Awards, Product Launches, and more! There are 17 insight types that you can track right now for any of your followed companies.

Set up your instant insights now!

Advanced Search

We have also recently completed an overhaul and re-design of our Advanced Search tool. With over 14 million companies now on Owler, we received a lot of requests from our members to build an Advanced Search tool to more easily locate companies that matched specific criteria. 


With our new Advanced Search filters you can sort by Sector, Location, Leadership changes, Founding Dates, Fundings, and more! With Owler you can now run searches for all SaaS companies in California that recently hired a VP of Sales (this is just an example of this powerful tool!) Give our Advanced Search a try and let us know how we could make it better for you!


BIG things to come!

Owler Is committed to delivering incredible competitive intelligence, business insights, and customized real-time news about the specific companies you care about. We heard from some members that they needed a better way to discover new companies, as well as organize the different kinds of companies they followed on Owler. One user wanted to know when new companies emerged in their sector that met specific criteria. Another user was following competitors as well as customers, and wanted alerts for one group, but not for another. So to address these needs, we are launching two new features this quarter to help you more easily find and organize the different kinds of companies you follow on Owler!

Saved Searches

Our Advanced Search tool helps you build focused and specific lists of companies that you want to keep an eye on, and soon you will be able to save these searches and follow every company that appears in your results. This means for the first time you will be able to do very broad industry or location tracking like all companies in San Francisco or all companies in Sales Enablement, receive dynamic real-time updates, and more easily follow the companies that matter to you.


Custom Lists

Coupled with the ability to save your searches, we are taking it a step further to allow Owler Pro members to build and follow custom lists of companies. For the first time you will be able to have separate lists for your competitors, prospects, customers, and more. This will give Owler Pro members the ability to create groups of companies, making it easier to organize your experience on Owler. In addition, you will be able to turn on or off a daily snapshot, as well as configure your instant insight real-time alerts for each individual custom list! So, as an example, you can selectively track only product launches for your competitors and only funding announcements for your prospects.  


Driving Business With Owler

“Owler is a great asset to our business and we are grateful for the insights it provides. We are driving value to our business by scoping new sales opportunities and exploring the needs of our target audience, completing competitor analysis reports by understanding the needs of our target audience and using Owler’s company profiles to find the gaps in what other travel technology platforms are delivering, and the news and alerts on current and prospect clients with owler’s daily intel helps us stay informed and ahead of the game!” - Steve Farrelly, Director, Business Transformation        
The Kaptio Travel Platform is a next-generation reservation system for the travel and tourism industry. Our brand is focused on FIT, Escorted Tour businesses & Cruise Operators. Built on the Salesforce Platform, Kaptio delivers the entire end-to-end customer journey from lead, through to sale, in travel and post-trip, all whilst building a 360-view of your customer. The team at Kaptio is a group of tech geeks who love to travel and push innovation within the industry.        
Learn more about Kaptio
“Our sales team uses Owler to research leads for qualifying, learning about key decision makers and understanding our prospects' competitive market.  Qualified leads are followed for position changes, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and any other key company information needed to build our understanding of the prospect current situation and needs.  Owler is our research assistant curating daily information to assist our team in building stronger prospect relationships and turning those into client relationships.”
- Lexie Dendrinelis, Sr. Director, Client Leadership & Business Development
TrestleTree is a Health Transformation company founded on the belief that anyone, regardless of motivation level, can change difficult health behaviors and sustain those changes long-term.  Our behavior change programs, focused in lifestyle, chronic condition, and comprehensive pain management, give individuals and their families the opportunity to make lasting behavior change and improve their health in ways they may not have been able to achieve in the past, even for non-adherent and less motivated individuals.  TrestleTree’s success is built on the science of behavior change and the art of helping each individual change within the unique context of their life and health stories.  With TrestleTree’s model, anyone across the entire health risk continuum can change; anyone can make improvements in health; anyone can be successful.
Learn more about TrestleTree


800 South Claremont Street, San Mateo, CA 94402

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